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You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. The Syrian Regular A casino loser named Faoud-al-Zayat started out losing and continued to lose which is a rarer path. After the ceremony, Mr.

Most of the other private holdings were money losers. Maxwell, already in his 60's and with roberrt questionable record as a corporate manager, persuade the banks to back a wildly ambitious and somewhat irrational scheme: Thank you for subscribing. Federal prosecutors said it was impossible to know precisely how much Ms. Maxwell twice visited Israel.

Robert Maxwell is thought to have made one of history's fastest gambling losses. The term “gambling banker” has for the last few years been. first noted a troubling change in the normally ebullient Robert Maxwell. Mr. Maxwell apparently turned to gambling on the foreign exchange. The biggest gambling losses of all time, top ten countdown. Robert Maxwell was a famous media tycoon well known across the world, especially in the United.

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